Beni and Dana are training staff in Romania in the ministry of digital strategies.

March 2022

"In the last week we interacted with hundreds of refugees, helping families to receive papers in order to travel in Romania or in other countries, where they have a connection. Many left their houses without passports (or with expired passports), without clothing or money. The work we are doing is really difficult. They don't speak English or Romanian, so communication is a huge issue. We need to call translators or bring them with us. They need assistance in completing forms in order to receive some kind of paper to be able to leave the refugee camp. We take them from the camp or sports halls or schools and put them in families. We work with drivers, buses and local families, then we send them where they need, buying tickets for buses

One of the next projects is to print a little booklet in Ukrainian with the Gospel and also important information for the refugees. We give out medicines, money, food, but they also need to receive love and hope and Jesus is the only one who can give something that will fill their need completely."

Beni Husarciuc and the family, România

The Husarciuc's want to multiply the evangelistic effort in different cities in Romania in 2021-2022.

Prayer Request:

  • 3 big churches, one Pentecostal, one Baptist and a Brethren Church want to partner and put together a large evangelist event to share the Gospel in Constanta. Pray for the planning a success of this event.
  • Another initiative is in Iasi, another big city in Romania and different events already happened in Galati and Ploiesti. Colleagues from Cru Romania are eager to get digital training so they can use online tools to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and have a greater impact when they organize different outreaches.

~Beni Husarciuc - 2021